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60 Minute Massage Wellness Plan




We now offer wellness plans customized to YOUR needs, with NO contract!


When's the last time you did something for yourself that both felt great and was good for you?

While some people think of massage as an indulgence or luxury, others have seen firsthand the powerful benefits consistent massage can have. Why not try something simple that benefits you? At NM Therapeutic Massage @ Studio 1450, we want to help make that even easier for you, so we are now offering monthly wellness plans.


What’s a wellness plan you ask?

This no-contract monthly plan is designed around all your needs: what your body needs, what your wallet wants, and what your schedule allows. Over the years it’s become apparent that the two most common reasons people don’t get consistent massages are time and money. We get it. Life happens. Sometimes the only way to ensure that we actually do something is to put it on our schedule in advance. A wellness plan can help keep you getting massages while saving you a little money, and scheduling a set time that works for your appointments means that time is YOURS.  


How does it work?


Currently the wellness plan is only offered for the 60 minute sessions.

First Visit: $70

Subsequent regular visits scheduled:

Every 4 Weeks: $65/visit

Every 3 Weeks: $60/visit

Every 2 Weeks: $55/visit

Every Week: $50/visit


For every subsequent visit you come to each month, you pay the discounted price based on how long it’s been since your last massage. If you miss a month or need to stop for a while, no problem! Make sure to cancel your standing appointments to avoid no-show fees, and when you are ready to start back up you pay regular price for the first visit, then you’re eligible for the discount. *Please note you must be a good standing member to have a wellness plan. If no-shows or last minute cancelations occur, you may lose eligibility.


How do I sign up?

If this sounds like something that works for you, just let Nicole know! There's no application, no forms to be filled out, no credit card info required!

To book online you'll choose 60 Minute Custom Massage.

Payments can be taken at each appointment, so no need to spend a ton of money at once, unless you just want to. Please select pay in office as option when booking. Discounts will be applied at time of service.



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