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Services and Rates


Customized Massage

The best massage is not dictated by a category. We will use a combination of techniques to determine the perfect massage for each individual. Techniques typically used are Swedish, for those who want to relax, Deep Tissue, for those who prefer a deeper touch, and/or Neuromuscular Therapy, for those who are looking for specific pain relief.



30 minute session             $40

60 minute session             $70

90 minute session           $100



Add Ons:

Hot Stone Integration

Use of typically six basalt lava stones helps to ease muscle soreness with heat. The stones are heated to a warm temperature and are applied with continuous movement to the back and neck.

Can be added to any Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Neuromuscular massage for $10.

Full Body Add On +$20.


Bamboo Integration

Use of a variety of warm bamboo massage sticks to help "roll out" tension. The smooth bamboo sticks allow for a more efficient, deeper massage while still allowing the body to fully relax.

Can be added to any Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Neuromuscular massage for $10.

Full Body Add On +$20.


Stix and Stones Integration

Use of both hot stones and bamboo sticks within massage session.
Can be added to any Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Neuromuscular massage for $15.

Full Body Add On +$25.




Specialty Services:


Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis is a very common foot disorder where excruciating pain is felt in the heel area of the foot. It is a phenomenon modern doctors are still unsure of how to treat effectively. This protocol will help reduce the pain within the foot quickly and efficiently.

Customized treatment plans will be determined based on severity of symptoms and whether one or both feet are affected.


Initial Visit Cost:

One Foot: 30 min. focused massage + stretching aid = $50

Both Feet: 60 min. focused massage + stretching aid = $80

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is beneficial to both mom and baby. High levels of stress are not ideal for a developing baby, so why not take a much needed break from prepping and ease your muscles? Although prenatal massage is safe for most pregnant women, we do require doctor’s clearance before working with any pregnant client. All pregnant clients must be out of the first trimester in order to receive massage.


30 minute session = $40

1 hour session        =  $70



Corporate Chair Massage

On-site chair massage is an awesome way to let your employees know you care. Fully clothed massage that uses little or no oil means this is the perfect little treat during the work day. Enjoy a 10-30 minute break from the real world while still receiving relief from muscular tension. Pricing determined after consultation. Minimum of 2 hours required to book.


Massage therapy at NM Therapeutic Massage
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