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Frequently Asked Questions


What if something hurts or is uncomfortable?


Most importantly, massage should feel good. The therapist can feel muscle tension but she can NOT feel how that feels to you, so it is imperative to tell her if something hurts. Don't worry about hurting her feelings or just hoping she'll move on, the best thing to do is speak up. This goes for areas you don't want worked, too.  Typical places to avoid include feet, face, or scalp but anything can be avoided. The therapist will always respect your wishes if you want a certain area avoided.


What should I wear during the massage?


Some clients prefer to go completely nude. Others prefer to leave underpants on. This is completely up to you as an individual. You will be draped to ensure modesty at all times. For female clients, it is preferred to have your bra removed so the therapist can access your full back.


Is there anything specific I need to do after massage?


Drink water. We recommend 8oz every hour for several hours after your massage. This ensures proper hydration to all the freshly lengthened muscles and promotes healing.


Should I be sore after massage?


Sometimes people will experience a little soreness after a massage, particularly if they had any areas of intense tension. This should only last 24-48 hours. Some people experience a headache after massage. This can be alleviated with increased water intake.


How often do I need massage?


The short answer to this is "it depends". If you're receiving massage just because, usually we recommend once a month. If we are working towards relief of a chronic issue, usually we will suggest more visits within a shorter amount of time. We also take into consideration your finances and will never pressure you to make a purchase you aren’t ready to make.

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