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About Nicole

Her Philosophy

NM Therapeutic Massage aims to give thorough, well-executed massage therapy to her clients. Pain relief is a very important aspect of massage, and she wants to make sure you leave feeling like you've been helped. She is here to help individuals lead a better life with massage.

After years of working the the health field (pharmacy, medical laboratory, Anatomy and Physiology research), Nicole felt she needed a change. She wanted something that used her knowledge of science and the body to make a difference in people's lives. Massage Therapy was the perfect fit. Spending several years working with all modalities of massage helped Nicole realize where her passion truly lies. She loves taking a person with chronic pain and alleviating that pain. Working with her clients, Nicole looks at all aspects of her client's day to day life to figure out what might be causing the recurring tension. Educating her clients in repetitive motions or postural habits and emphasizing personal awareness are only two of the ways Nicole helps to rid her clients of chronic pain. Her background in Anatomy and Physiology not only benefits Nicole during her sessions by understanding what muscles might be contributing from other parts of the body, but also her clients.



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